608 Skate Shop is Dorset’s leading independent skate shop.


A welcoming hub and haven for all things skateboarding, 608 is ran by and owned by enthusiastic key members of the skateboarding community.

Owner and skateboarder Steve Castle has been a sponsored rider, worked in the UK’s oldest skate shop and has more than thirty years’ experience in the industry.


A keen skater since young age, Steve established 608 Skate Shop to support the local scene and offer professional equipment in a friendly and sociable fashion.

Since 608 Skate Shop opened we have ran skate contests, supported local companies by stocking their clothing and backed campaigns to improve skate facilities throughout Dorset.

Why Support Independent?

Independent shops and small businesses like 608 Skate Shop are invaluable to the local community. We champion the skate scene far more than our corporate competitors ever could or would.


We promote local talent and facilities, support competitions and are whole heartedly enthusiastic about pushing the skate scene to the next level.

We do our utmost to keep our prices as competitive and strive to give back to the community by doing so.

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