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Since the early 2000’s skatepark scooters have become increasingly popular. Reinforced and durable versions of the street scooter, skatepark scooters are designed to withstand drops, ramps and grinds.

Skate park scooters achieve their core strength thanks to tried and tested designs, based loosely on BMX bikes in regards to manufacturing process. Wide strengthened handlebars, grip tape and a solid base gives riders the confidence and reliability needed to push themselves as far as they dare.

Much like skateboards and BMX bikes, skatepark scooters (or stunt scooters as they are also referred to) are fully customisable with replacement grips, street pegs, wheels, clamps and forks. Giving riders the opportunity to improve and modify their skatepark scooter however they wish.

Our Scooters

608 Skate Shop offer a range of Blunt scooters. Ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. Our skate park scooters are carefully selected to ensure they reach the needs for riders at all levels.

As an independent retailer and enthusiastic supporter of the local skate scene, it is important for us that you receive a friendly, reliable and professional experience. We are on hand to offer and advise you, to help you pick the right skate park scooter for your needs.








Blunt Skatepark Scooters

The Blunt Colt is ideal for riders progressing towards intermediate and advanced levels. Its ease of use also places the scooter as a fantastic introduction to park for new riders. An all rounder which will not disappoint experienced and advanced riders.

The Blunt Colt benefits from steel Colt bars, set at the ideal height for both younger and intermediate riders. The grips are soft yet extremely durable ensuring complete control and maximizing comfort. You can be safe in the knowledge that this scooter is fitted with an advanced nylon brake system, highly durable and effective even at fast speeds and if wet.

608 Skate Shop offer the Blunt Colt in a range of finishes depending on your preference. Please ask for further details.

Skatepark Scooter Safety

As with BMX riding and skateboarding, riding scooters at a skatepark can be dangerous without attention to your surroundings and proper safety equipment. This is especially the case for younger and less experienced riders at skateparks.

Before going down ramps, turning or crossing the skatepark look to see if there is anyone in close proximity. Try not to stop on top of or behind ramps, known as blind spots. The danger is not getting seen by other skatepark users before it’s too late.

608 Skate Shop recommends that you always wear a helmet at the very least. Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist protectors are an option as well.

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